Live Now. Die Whenever. Fuck It

Chad I. Ginsburg
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This community Dedicated to the Man
Chad Ginsburg Of The Band CKY.
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The Real Shit (the-REEL-shit): n. authentic, inspired, peerless, usu. in a creative endeavor. See also CKY.
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*New Album News*
Cky's "An Answer Can be Found" Is set to be released June 28, 2005!

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Some quotes from Chad:

Whats up with all these fucking cky haters?
"they are scared...and dont even know what they are fighting..they are fighting against change, it makes VERY LITTLE sense .they are givin an oppurtunity to hate or be anti so they take it...of course..always think twice.. but *anti-CKY is *anti-anti..? it must be pro shitty,pro no progress or change...thats fucked up."
answered by chad

"Live Now. Die Whenever. Fuck It"

"Ignore modern rock radio, it ignores you"

"You be your own hero."

"Infiltration will be a process,strap the fuck in"

"Stop searching so hard. let it find you. "

"they are really fucking with you. they cant handle our minds. we are too free.they want you like clones..fuCK that be proud."

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